Yeu Psac Collective Agreement

“We agreed with the collective agreement,” Mostyn said. @David Dixon a few things. YTG hasn`t been a thing for more than a decade. It is the Yukon government or section 33 of the YEU/PSAC collective agreement says that the Yukon bonus is tied to 2,242 $US, when I was private, I had a company car as my main vehicle. When I wasn`t working, I camped, I fished or I went around the kids. Gas and maintenance were covered. An advantage you will never see in the public sector. Curious to know what areas of government you would cut. How do you find specific programs? How many savings would there be and where would you divert that money? Would the dismissal of a group of civil servants also have a negative impact on the economy? The bargaining team, which represents more than 4,000 Yukon government employees, reached a preliminary agreement with the territory`s largest employer late Friday afternoon. Jack Bourassa, regional executive vice-president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, said he was “pleased to hear that the two parties have been able to find common ground. The new agreement will benefit not only our members, but all Yukoners.┬áThe agreement followed a six-month negotiation process that appeared to have derailed on the issue of severance pay, the Yukon Employees Union (YEU) said late in the morning. The only thing I notice in our Union is that we are a genuine democratic organisation.

This commitment to democracy is evident from the moment workers decide to organize and join the European UNION; The majority of workers must sign cards to obtain union certification from the Canadian Industrial Relations Board. From that point on, decisions such as what goes into their collective agreement, whether they accept or reject this collective agreement, are in the hands of the workers. Many of our new small units are run by volunteer boards of directors. A board of directors (in some cases) provides supervision and management to an executive director who manages the staff. The problems we see are often due to the challenges that arise when well-meaning directors attempt to make decisions about human resources, policy and management without background in the areas of human resources, policy development or management of NFPs. Decisions made for financial or ideological reasons can have unintended and negative consequences for staff. Did you know that alcoholism and addiction are considered disabilities? Hello: It seems that one commentator has the impression that YEU members are at a disadvantage when they receive an annual salary increase below the annual cost of living, which is true. Note, however, that all YEU workers currently receive annual wages paid through all YEU workers, 15-20% above the Canadian national average, for the same specific job across the entire YEU job range. In addition, all YEU members who are both part-time, full-time and auxiliary on-call workers receive a Yukon bonus, which depends on the percentage of full-time work performed each year. The Yukon bonus in 2009 was a cash payment of $1400.00 per year. How many other Yukon workers will receive such a bonus? Very few !!! At a time when Yukon`s budget deficit is growing so high, the ruling party will be forced to reduce the annual cost of YEU wages by laying off government employees or their currently too high salaries.

It will certainly be inevitable. The Yukon Financial Advisory Panel has proposed several ways to reduce government spending. Two proposals were an increase in the territorial turnover tax and, secondly, a freeze on all YEU salaries. Prime Minister Sandy Silver did not have the courage to accept any of these proposals. What for??? Because it would irritate a lot of voters and the Prime Minister was worried about losing the next election.